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Mat Pilates Instructor Trainnig


50 hours with a final test out  (25 classroom/25 self practice)


In this training you will receive basic anatomy, an overview of working with special populations, history of Pilates, Pilates fundamentals, principles of Pilates and a brief discussion of various types of Pilates.  You will also receive basic exercises, form and cueing, how to modify if needed, class design/structure and next steps upon completion of your training (obtaining insurance, building your community, researching and doing continuing education opportunities)......we also discuss other topics that pop up in the fitness/wellness industry 


Equipment Only Teacher Training

(includes barrel, chair and tower)


Approx 350-400 hours 

Classroom Time: 50 hours

Self Practice Time: 75 hours

Pre-Apprentice Teaching (teaching friends, family, classmates) Time: 75 hours

Class Attendance/Observation Time: 75 hours (private sessions or group classes)

Apprentice Time: 100 hours (50 pre testing/50 post testing)


This training will include all of the above but instead of on the mat it would be on the equipment.  You will learn how to set up equipment, recommended settings for each exercise, how to design a safe, encouraging, inclusive, effective class.


Comprehensive Teacher Training

This training covers both of the above trainings (so you will get Mat and equipment)


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