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Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Doors are locked promptly at the start of class.  Please be on time for class, if door is locked you will not be let in.

If you are early to class and the door is locked, there is another class going on and the team will be up shortly to let you in.

Group Class Cancellation Policy Update:


As part of continuing to navigate our new normal, we are revisiting and revising studio policies to better fit the needs of our community. This includes reinstating a new cancellation policy for our group classes, which will go into effect on August 1, 2021. 


The safety of our students and teachers is still our top priority. We are allowing flexibility within the new cancellation policy in regards to COVID, but please note that this will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


The new Pilates BKLYN group class cancellation policy is as follows, and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly:

  • We have a four-hour cancellation policy. If you wish to cancel a class without a penalty, you must do so at least 4 hours prior to the start of class.  For 7am classes, class must be canceled by 10pm the night before to give time for someone else to book.

  • A late cancel occurs when a class is canceled within 4 hours of the class start time or 10pm night before for 7am classes.

  • If you pay-per-class and late cancel or no show, you will lose that class. 

    • Note, if you reach out to reschedule prior to the four-hour cut-off time, we are happy to work with you to find a different class time that works better for your schedule.

  • If you have a monthly unlimited package:

    • A late cancellation will result in being invoiced for 50% of a single class cost

    • A no show will result in being invoiced for 100% of a single class cost

      •  Note, if you accrue 3 outstanding invoices, your monthly package will be frozen until payment has been made.

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